Sunday, June 6, 2010

pasture update

The pasture is maturing but is a bit stunted do to no rain for three weeks. But we just got a few inches and so it should start looking better.
This is how it looks between the three stones now a month later.
There is a lot of wild Hairy Vetch growing in most sections of the pasture. It is hard to see in this photo it is the lighter green stuff with a bit of purple.
I found a new use for my scythe. I could not get the push lawn mower started so I used my scythe to do the mowing of the path where the fence goes to keep it from shorting out. The scythe worked well for this and it does not shred the clippings but puts them to the side of the path and then the animals can still eat it. It also cuts down on the farm's fossil fuel consumption.
A portable "shade tree" I rigged up for the hot sunny days we had.

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Hannah said...

I have been wanting to comment and tell you, "I really like the stone idea, I am looking forward to seeing the changes in this way."