Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gazing Long Grass

I have now started to re graze the pasture I could not quite give it a 90 day rest as I want to, but as the poorer areas of the pasture get better I will not have to move them though as fast. So the rest period is 76 days.
I have not ran out of un grazed pasture where I had the cows on the land next to our land. But I have moved them up with the sheep and goats so that the grass gets eaten up better. I have a hot wire across the 82 x 82 to keep the cows in a small area so as to get better herd impact. I move this wire twice a day and move the whole fence every two days.
The sheep and goats buried in the long grass
This is what it looks like after they graze it down.
Some of the grass gets trampled and manured on. This is a good thing as it will add a lot of carbon to the soil, and seeds, by letting the grass get long and mature the plants have a chance to go to seed.
The new grass growth between the the stones.

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